Friday, May 26, 2017

Celebrating Reading and Writing with Our Kinder-Buddies!

As you probably know, we recently completed the last of our SBAC and NECAP testing for the year!  As if this wasn't reason enough to celebrate, our kindergarten friends just wrapped up a reading and writing unit and wanted to share their learning with us.  Fourth graders were impressed by the young readers and writers, and happy to reminisce about favorite books from their younger years !  As always, the kindergarteners loved sharing work with their role models.

Monday, May 22, 2017

Learning About Vermont History

Last Friday our fourth graders visited Fort Ticonderoga in New York.  They learned about life at the fort and experienced some marching drills that volunteers living in the New Hampshire Grants (Vermont) would have done in training for battle.  Students left with a better understanding of the sacrifices early American armed forces have made for our country's freedom, as well as Fort Ti's importance in the Revolutionary War.
Thank you to our chaperones for helping to make this a memorable and educational day for our scholars!