Tuesday, June 13, 2017

This is a guest post by our enrichment teacher, Darcie Rankin and our library media specialist, Beth Redford.

These Capstone Presentations were created in Enrichment Library class by RES fourth graders in Ms. Senning's class. The scholars developed their own research questions, which are shown above the presentations that answer them. We are very proud of all our fourth grade scholars!

How do magicians do their illusions?

How do you choreograph a song? (still photo from a video)

Why did the Civil War start?

What do we know about the universe?

How do artists make different clay creations?

How did Harry Houdini do his tricks?

How do video games work?

Why do volcanoes erupt?

How do you make an animated cartoon?

How do you build a treehouse?

How are stop motion videos made?

What are some dangerous magic tricks?

How do you code a video game?

How do you build a treehouse?

How did women's clothing in the 1920s develop?

How do computer parts work together?

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